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Users’ needs and demands as consumers are becoming more and more sophisticated. They want to be able to get information on demand, wherever they are. This is where Carrotmilk comes into play. A smartphone combines location, social and purchase data, enabling brands to offer highly personal, relevant messaging and promotions.


There are over 0m smartphone users in Malaysia.

More surprisingly 0% of all smartphone users in Malaysia never use a desktop computer, laptop or tablet to browse the web.

0% of smartphone users have searched for local information and promotions.

Push an offer to a customer who is in the vicinity of your location to educate them on a new product, move specific inventory or incentivize them to spend more with a coupon or free gift with purchase.

0% of users received information on their device such as events, promotions or coupons.

The best way to gain high response rates from mobile marketing is to make sure you're offering your customers a personalized message that will benefit them.

An additional0% of non-smartphone users indicated that they would buy a smartphone in the next six months.

Mobile marketing the future trends.It makes sense that advertisers are spending so much in the mobile space. More than 55% of Malaysian cell phone owners use phones as their primary way of accessing the Internet, double the amount from 2009. Perhaps most interestingly, the biggest jump in smartphone owners in the past year was among 50 to 64-year-olds.

0m adults in Malaysian share or receive content each week.

People are much more likely to trust content shared within their network about brands.

Word of MouthThe future of search is consumers’ finding products and services through the filter of their friends’ preferences. Geographical targeting on smartphones, backed up by the referral, will mean big business for search.

By 2016, an estimated RM3bn of Malaysian purchases will be
made with mobile phones, so now’s the time to make your mark.

Carrotmilk Advertising can help you create a successful Mobile Advertising strategy.
By focusing on the audience and keeping the path to benefit as short and
simple as possible, brands can reap great rewards.

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